The Ultimate Hiring Manager's Guide for Video Interviewing Software Developers

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Photo by Matilda Wormwood from Pexels

Online interviews have become the new normal for recruitment processes in recent times, and because of this, most organizations have adopted various video interviewing tools for finding the right candidate.

 What are Video Interviews?

This online interview for a job allows recruiters to interact with potential candidates for a job vacancy effectively. This interview form became famous during the pandemic, and most companies have adopted it well enough as a replacement for on-site interviews. Video interviews could be either of two; One-way and Two-way video interviews.

One-way video interviews: There’s no live-streaming from the recruiter’s end to the candidate’s end. Questions may just be pasted in text or video format, and candidates are asked to provide solutions at their convenience.

Two-way video interviews- The recruiter and the candidate communicate directly while live- streaming in real-time.

Tips for Remotely Interviewing Software Developers

Cut down on Distractions

Turn off all notifications that could pop up in the course of your video interview. If messages keep popping up and you go ahead to read them, the candidate will most likely notice you are not paying attention to them. Avoid using places with background noise and do away with distractions from pets, friends, and family.

Real-Time testing

Intimate the candidate with coding tests that are real-time, which they have to share their screens while solving problems for. Do well to run a trial test before the actual test begins.

State in clear terms what they should anticipate

Don’t do brain teasers for developers as they lose interest easily. Instead, state in clear terms what technical subjects you would test them on; this way, they come prepared.

Run a perfection on your Body Language

Work well on your body language, such as maintaining eye contact and speaking audibly. Let emphasis be placed on your hand motions too.

Present the candidate the Office Culture

In the course of the video interview, learn to emphasize your company’s culture. Let the candidate know what your company stands for. Its values, mission, and goals. Inform the candidate about fundamental rules in your company; this way, you are already portraying what a familiar environment should look like.


Various software can be utilized in interviewing a candidate. However, whichever technology you choose to use, let the candidate know about it so they can decide whether to download the application to be used or just follow through with a link.

Scorecards for interviews

A very important tool that eases the evaluation process for the right candidate. Perhaps you have interviewed numerous candidates. Using a scorecard for each of them helps you to compare side by side using the scorecards; the candidate most fit for the job.

Use an official background

Even if the interview is going to happen from the comfort of your home, make sure that the room is clean, well-lit, and has no distracting components in it.

Prepare interview questions in time

When you have these questions in front of you in the course of the interview, The chances of veering off the main point are very slim. Start with easy questions so that the candidate can feel a bit relaxed before you launch into the more complex ones.