5 Best Video Conferencing Apps for iOS in 2022

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Video conferencing apps for iOS are very useful technology that allows distant teams to hold meetings and conferences with other team members across the globe. Video Conferencing has also proven quite indispensable in the wake of COVID-19 break out when more businesses and organizations are making use of the best video conferencing apps for their online conferences and meetings. 

We have carried out our research to choose the best video conferencing apps for iOS in 2021. Discussed below are the best video conferencing apps for iOS in 2021.

1. Google Hangouts

With your Google account, you can access Google Hangouts for free. Google Hangouts video conference app for iOS lets up to ten people chat in a video call. In addition, the service supports real-time voice chat and lets participants participate in conferences and meetings through a shareable link or email. Google has, however, relaxed some limitations for all G Suite for Education and G Suite customers in response to the COVID-19 crisis, irrespective of tier. Through July 1, 2020, Google Hangouts users can now hold video conferences with around 250 participants.

2. GoRemote.io

The GoRemote.io is the best video conferencing app for iOS in 2021. The branded GoRemote.io video conference app for iOS is effective, reliable, and simple. Experience the wonders of audio and video chatting while you keep your team productive and close. 

GoRemote.io is a simple but powerful solution to go remote. GoRemote.io is experienced in going along with the specificities of your industry. Whether it is government, finance, education, oil, or gas, GoRemote.io video conference app for iOS offers the right solutions for your needs.

Unlimited Video Calls, Integrated Chat, Custom Meeting Urls, Edit Documents together, Video Conferences, Password-protected Meetings, Screen Sharing, and Encrypted Communication are what make GoRemote.io one of the best video conferencing apps iOS in 2021.

3. Join.me

This is another great video conferencing app for iOS  

IN 2021. You can conduct online conferences, share screens, and team collaboration with Join.me. In addition, Join.me features cool whiteboarding, which lets users see what you are putting on the virtual paper in real-time. Join.me features free conference call, video conference, Webinar, Mobile, Screen sharing, free conference call, and toll-free audio.

4. Jitsi Meet

This is another reliable free video conferencing app for iOS. The Jitsi Meet conferencing app will grant you access to a lot of people for a long period of time. Jitsi Meet video conferencing app for iOS is an open-source app devoted to solving the problems faced by companies when it comes to video conferencing. 

5. RingCentral 

The RingCentral Video conferencing app comes with a full range of industry-standard features such as incorporated chat functionalities, screen annotation and sharing, and video call recording and scheduling, among others. The integration of Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Slack features will make RingCentral one of the best video conferencing apps in 2021.

Video conferencing apps are powerful tools for groups, students, and companies who want to remain connected over long distances. They also make a great way of keeping in touch with classmates and colleagues when you cannot just be there personally. Give any of the above five best video conferencing apps for iOS in 2021 a try if you want to experience better conferences with your coworkers.