TrueConf vs GoRemote: Which Should You Use For Video Conferencing?

Photo by Beci Harmony on Unsplash

Everyone needs to use video conferencing software nowadays, and we will for the foreseeable future. It’s a daunting time to search for conferencing software, since more and more companies are popping up. Two brands you’re sure to find in your research are TrueConf and GoRemote, both used by businesses all over the globe. Let’s compare the two.


TrueConf is a well-liked video conferencing tool that businesses have enjoyed for more than 10 years now. It offers all the necessities for an office space that has to stay together, apart. It’s been praised for its pricing, customer service, and versatility, and has all the components a video conferencing software should. Calendar tools, discussion boards and polls, and, of course, 4K quality video.

TrueConf prices start at $240, which is a cost low enough to entice many businesses. The company also offers a free version for up to 12 users.

Of course, something cheaper may make you worry that it isn’t high-quality. This has never been a problem for TrueConf. Even in its early stages when hiccups were bound to happen, the customer service team was always incredible: quick to respond, friendly and open, as well as thorough.

Finally, TrueConf can be used across all the platforms one would hope for: Mac, Windows, Android, Cloud, SaaS, iOS, and the web, and is easy to integrate. It’s overall a useful program for keeping a serious business running.


GoRomote is a Swiss company that has done well helping users through the pandemic. Healthcare workers and even governments have utilised this secure brand of video conferencing.

One of the best components of using GoRemote is that it boasts simplicity. In an office environment spanning multiple generations of workers, you don’t want to leave your oldest, most respected members behind, so this is a must. It’s also an encrypted service, keeping your company safe. It’s also easy to personalize. Without a doubt, learning who we are throughout the pandemic has been one of humanity’s biggest hurdles, so this is a plus. Finally one of the biggest reasons to turn to GoRemote is that it’s a free conferencing service.

GoRemote comes with several industry-specific integrations. One of the main differentiators is GoRemote’s white-label video conference solutions. This includes a wide range of options that can make sure your company brand backs your video conferences. You can take advantage of branded video apps for Android and iOS, branded invitations, custom URLs, website integration, and custom logos and signatures.