GoRemote VS WhereBy: Everything You Need to Know

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Whether done internally or externally, team communication, such as a powerful software platform, needs to include its unique plan, whether the business focuses on services or features that offer a wide range of uses. Not all companies can benefit from the same features or platform while comparing the platform and features that GoRemote and WhereBy have to offer.

What is WhereBy?

WhereBy is a business software that has specialized in web conferences. This software is for small businesses up to large enterprise corporations. WhereBy’s location is in Oslo, Norway, and the software went live in 2013. The company currently has 18 employees and is visible with LinkedIn profiles.

This software program is for professionals who need to provide reliable video conference meetings. WhereBy includes access through the web browser without the need for login credentials or downloading. The product has a rating of the easiest tool for video conferencing. WhereBy serves various industry types with a focus on small to medium business needs.

Teammates and clients can connect with professionals in a secure way while providing dependable trust.

Best for

With WhereBy, small to medium businesses can perform video or audio calls, mute individuals at any time, manage their calendars, record the meeting progress. These examples are just a few of the features available.

WhereBy also has an advanced feature available for scheduling, polling, and annotation, which gives a broader range of uses. This company also supports 3rd party trading platforms allowing worldwide market options with trading facilitate with expert advisors producing trading strategies.


A free version is available, but the paid plan does not provide a free trial. The plan pricing starts at $9.99 per month.


When the pandemic and Covid-19 put a halt to our everyday lives, GoRemote was able to identify the virtual world was in full swing. GoRemote launch was for the industries with no warning of complete virtual work. This product has secure video conferencing with professional core features.

These core features include password protection for unlimited video calls, video conferences with chat, screen sharing with editing documents, and encryption communication.

Pro’s of GoRemote

GoRemote is secure, reliable, and easy to navigate, which are features that companies are relying on for their needs. This solution in web conferences has security features that detail the encryption with this product. Hosting is active from Europe with Compliance through the GDPR. IT experts provide the support allowing your location of choice to host safely.

Industry-specific integrations are available for education, government, healthcare, developers, media, and law firms. The white-brand label allows for video conferences with the company logo attachment.

This branded video app for android and IOS allows signatures, custom URLs, and a custom logo that are brand specific. Server requirements are 2 CPU threads, 60 GB of HDD, and 2 GB RAM with a price of 50€ a month.