Video Conferencing Software for Windows: Jami vs. GoRemote

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

              In today’s world, with at-home working and virtual meetings becoming more and more prominent, it is important and helpful for employers and employees alike to know the benefits and differences between various software that offer video conferencing. There are a number of options available, some of the most popular being Zoom and Google Hangouts, but let’s take a look at how two other highly-used software- Jami and GoRemote- compare to each other.

              Jami, video conferencing software that is free to use for Windows, is also compatible for a number of other systems such as Android and iOS. Anyone can set up a Jami account, including for personal use, and it does not require you to provide any personal information, making it easy to stay anonymous.

Jami utilizes end-to-end encryption as well as tracks and relays communication across different servers, in the hope of reducing data leaks and user tracking. Jami is considered extremely safe and secure conferencing software, and also allows users to easily create and maintain teams and groups to make for quicker and simpler communication. In addition to video conferencing,

Jami also allows you to hold audio meetings, create chat rooms, and share screenshots with other users. It even allows users to communicate with others in their network without an Internet connection and remains free of advertisements.

              GoRemote, while not free like Jami, offers a number of additional features that Jami does not. In addition to the features offered by Jami, GoRemote also includes remote workshops, virtual counseling, and even practice guides. They even offer virtual conference options, which can hold up to a thousand people.

Like Jami, GoRemote also uses end-to-end encryption providing high-level tech security features, it even allows you to set a password to lock it. GoRemote also allows you to track not only your productivity but your employee’s efficiency as well.

The White Label features allow you to add your own brand to your video conferencing solutions, including the URL link that you send as an invitation.

              So which one is best to use? This all depends on your needs. With GoRemote, you can easily hold large meetings and even company-wide conferences and keep track of projects and deadlines. GoRemote also ensures all of your data is completely secure, meeting GDPR standards set in Europe. With so many options to choose from, weighing your choices and considering the price, size of your company, and what exactly your software needs are can help you easily make a confident decision.