GoRemote vs. TeamViewer: Which one is best for your business?

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Meetings are a core feature in most organizations today. Video conferencing had an increase in the last year, allowing discussions to happen in all circumstances. This video conferencing has given society a way to keep moving forward.

This process has given the industry the ability to reduce travel for business and meet from the office or home’s comfort. Each company has different needs, and comparing GoRemote and TeamViewer will enable the business to decide which one is best.


TeamViewer is a cloud platform that allows global interaction. The ease of use and mobility allows communication across numerous operating systems and devices. TeamViewer leads the worldwide market of remote solutions. TeamViewer enables you to connect any device, at any time, and anywhere. This platform allows secure access, support, and endpoint of different kinds.

This innovative design allows cutting-edge to operate Augmented reality (AR) and implement the Internet of Things (IoT). All size businesses can have full digital access, with over two billion activations on devices, and support 45 million users at one time.

TeamViewer employs over 800 individuals throughout their offices in the US, Europe, and Asia. The company originated from Germany in 2005.

TeamViewer has the best web conferencing award for payment, ease of use, and platform availability. This digital access doe require a large investment which gives the consumer use for life with service support. Ensuring all users have internet access and installation is correct will allow a flawless meeting. This product allows a test run before the software purchase.

TeamViewer allows access with a VPN to control your computer from home. This feature provides access from home to complete work virtually.

Pricing breakdowns are for a single-user of $49.00 a month, a multi-user at $99.00 a month, and teams at $199.00 a month.  


When the pandemic and Covid-19 put a halt to our everyday lives, GoRemote was able to identify the virtual world was in full swing. GoRemote launch was for the industries with no warning of complete virtual work. This product has secure video conferencing with professional core features.

These core features include password protection for unlimited video calls, video conferences with chat, screen sharing with editing documents, and encryption communication.

Pro’s of GoRemote

GoRemote is secure, reliable, and easy to navigate, which are features that companies are relying on for their needs. This solution in web conferences has security features that detail the encryption with this product. Hosting is active from Europe with Compliance through the GDPR. IT experts provide the support allowing your location of choice to host safely.

Industry-specific integrations are available for education, government, healthcare, developers, media, and law firms. The white-brand label allows for video conferences with the company logo attachment.

This branded video app for android and IOS allows signatures, custom URLs, and a custom logo that are brand specific. Server requirements are 2 CPU threads, 60 GB of HDD, and 2 GB RAM with a price of 50€ a month.