Video Conferencing Tools: GoRemote vs Lifesize GO

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

The world keeps on embracing the concept of remote work and companies need the proper tools to support their distributed workforce. When striving for effective teamwork, communication, and collaboration, simply relying on solutions intended for personal uses is not enough and far from ideal. 

Remote teams need more features and functionalities to ensure that work is conducted in the most effective way. And companies need customization to maintain the brand’s image and provide a more personalized approach. 

Not to mention that in a distributed workforce, security is becoming a bigger issue. Since teams are working remotely and need to constantly share sensitive data and personal information, they need to have a secure solution to do so without having to worry about compliance issues. 

There are various video conferencing tools currently on the market and most of them offer a similar set of tools. You should choose the one that works best for your specific needs and requirements. Read on to find the main features of two of these popular solutions – Lifesize GO and GoRemote. 

Lifesize GO

A video conferencing solution that is perfect for small businesses and smaller groups of participants. The best part of Lifesize Go is that it is free of charge – you can host for free unlimited group calls for up to eight participants. 

Unfortunately, there is no option for scheduling calls in advance, but you can invite other participants via a generated link or an email once the meeting has started. When the call has started, users can turn on their audio and video on a share thor screen to conduct a demonstration or display a presentation. 

There is no need to download a software or an app – you can host and join meetings in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari both on PCs and mobile devices. There is also no need to create an account or sign in – only join with your name and email. 

If you need more features or to include more participants, you can also opt-in for the paid plans. The Mini Bundle option is $16 per month and offers up to 25 users and a permanent meeting room. The Small Bundle option costs $19 per month and supports up to 125 users and 10 permanent meeting rooms. And the Medium Bundle option, which is $23 per month, allows for up to 250 participants, 50 permanent meeting rooms, and even more features. 


GoRemote is a video conferencing tool that was launched at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. It was created as a solution for companies that needed to switch quickly to remote work without having the time to prepare their employees. With GoRemote, they could rely on a highly secure tool for video conferencing with many professional features that would allow for effective communication and collaboration in a remote work environment. 

GoRemote offers unlimited password-protected calls with end-to-end encryption. There is also an option for an integrated chat and video conferences, and team members can benefit from easy to use collaborative features such as screen sharing and document editing. 

The video conferencing tool is easy to use and reliable. Since it offers end-to-end encryption and is hosted in Europe, GoRemote is both secure and GDPR compliant. 

You can also take advantage of customization and industry-specific integrations. For example, you can use custom URLs, branded invitations, custom logos, signatures, and website integration to ensure that your video conferences are following your company brand.