Video Conferencing Solutions: GoRemote vs Adobe Connect

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Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels

The global pandemic led to a lot of changes and disruption on every level. A lot of organizations were forced to switch to remote work without actually being prepared to do so. This change led to a demand for solutions to help their employees to transition effortlessly into remote work and to be able to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

Video conferencing tools have become of much importance as they allow businesses to ensure continuity and keep their remote workforce engaged. The demand for cloud-based and enterprise-grade tools for collaboration has skyrocketed. And while all solutions might seem to provide similar functionalities, not all video conferencing tools are created equal and can meet the requirements of a business.

Read on to find out more about two popular video conferencing tools – Adobe Connect and GoRemote, to help you decide which one is more suitable for your needs.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect has been on the market since 2012 and since it is part of the Adobe family, it relied on Flash – a technology that is no longer supported by most browsers. As the technology is soon to be discarded, Adobe announced that they will no longer be using it.

Adobe Connect is a video conferencing service that begins at $50 per month. It is geared towards the user experience and a lot of educators are using it to deliver remote lectures. Adobe Connect also supports webinars, as well as collaboration sessions, so that it can work as a solution for standard office usage.

There is a solid feature set, including document sharing and video chat, and you can add custom apps. Keep in mind that it does not offer dial-in services so you will need to use the internal VoIP capabilities or sign up with a third party and integrate it with your account which can significantly add to the total cost.

The app is functional but looks a bit outdated. There is an option to separate different types of meetings in separate categories – such as meetings, training, seminars, etc.

There are apps for iO and Android that include many meeting features such as whiteboard tools and screen sharing. Adobe Connect is compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux.


The team behind GoRemote came up with the concept at the beginning of the global pandemic when a lot of organizations had to switch quickly to remote work without enough time to prepare their employees.

In order to cater to that need, they launched GoRemote – a video conferencing solution with many professional features and an emphasis on security.

Some of the core features of GoRemote include video conferences, unlimited video calls, password protection, integrated chat, screen sharing, document editing, and encrypted communication.

GoRemote is hosted in Europe, so it is GDPR compliant and offers end-to-end encryption. It is reliable and easy to use, with several integrations for different industries – such as education, healthcare, government, finance, recruitment agencies, law firms, media, software developers, and consultants.

There is a white-label video conferencing solution so you can back up your video conferences with your company brand. You can also use custom URLs, branded invitations, custom signatures and logos, and website integration.