Video Conferencing Tools: RingCentral vs GoRemote

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

COVID-19 global pandemic accelerated the embrace of remote work for many companies. It is expected that the trend will stay even after the end of the pandemic because more and more organizations see the benefits of flexibility and reduced costs it offers. A number of new technologies emerged to ease the process and provide better communication and collaboration for remote team workers. Video conferencing solutions are key in the process and even older tools are adding new features and gaining popularity. 

Two good examples are RingCentral and GoRemote – read on to find out more about their features and whether they are a good fit for the needs of your business. 

Ring Central

RingCentral Meetings is a browser-based video calling software that does not require download. You can use it for video calls for up to 200 users simultaneously. It offers features such as desktop and application screen sharing, chat app messaging, real-time file sharing and editing, and whiteboarding. These features make it a great tool for remote teams in need of daily collaborations on active projects. 

There is also a breakout room feature that is great for a high level of team collaboration. This can be used during larger meetings or webinars where each team can break off into smaller groups to discuss specifics on the project. They can later rejoin the initial meeting and share their ideas and thus facilitate a better cross-department conversation. 

You can join video conferences on any device through the iOS or Android app, by receiving a call, through dial-in access, or simply by clicking on an invitation link. With a single click, you can immediately transition from chat or email messaging into a video call. 

Some of the additional features include unlimited meeting duration, HD audio and video, meeting recording, private in-meeting chat, in-meeting device switching, historical and real-time meeting analytics, single sign-on, integrations with third-party tools such as G Suite, Slack, Outlook, Dropbox, Google Drive and much more, HIPAA compliance, 99.999% SLA uptime. 

There are three plans for RingCentral Meetings, including a free one with unlimited one-on-one meetings and a 40-minute limit for group meetings. Paid plans start at $14.99 per user per month for the Essential plan 9perfect for mid-size businesses), and $19.99 per user per month for the Advanced plan. 


GoRemote was launched at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when companies had to quickly switch to remote work without the time to properly prepare their employees. The team behind GoRemote created a solution that allowed for the seamless transition by providing a highly secure video conferencing tool with a lot of professional features. 

Some of the key features of GoRemote include unlimited video calls with password protection. integrated chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, document editing, and encrypted communication. 

It is easy to use, reliable, and secure option with end-to-end encryption and GDPR compliance, since it is hosted in Europe. There are a number of integrations for GoRemote that are specific for different industries such as finance, education, government, law firms, healthcare, software developers, consultants, media, and recruitment agencies. 

And with the white label video conferencing solutions you can make sure that your video conferences are aligned with your company brand. For example, you can use branded video apps for iOS and Android, custom URLs, branded invitation, custom logos and signatures, and website integration.