GoRemote Vs. UberConference: Which conferencing tool is better for you?

Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of employees, students, and families are learning the ins and out of video conferencing. Being asked to work and study from home has created a significant increase in the demand for the ability to meet virtually. 

You might be asking yourself which technology is the best option for what you need to accomplish. We are going to take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of GoRemote and UberConference. We hope you will have a better idea of which platform is best for your company’s needs and the security features, ease to use, and special features that each platform has to offer. 


This platform is a reservationless conference calling service that makes it easy for you to host meetings any time you need. Meeting hosts can manage calls online, dial out to add participants after the meeting has started as well as record meetings for later playback. 

UberConference Pricing

UberConference offers both free and paid service plans, allowing an unlimited number of meetings each month. The plans vary in the number of participants that can attend a call, how long each call can be and the included features.

    • Free plan: You can host meetings with up to 10 participants on this plan. Calls are limited to 45 minutes each. Attendees are required to enter a PIN when joining a meeting. The plan includes screen and document sharing, call recording, HD audio, and mobile apps.

    • Paid plan: The business plan, which supports up to 100 callers, costs $15 per user per month. That price drops to $10 per month if you pay annually. The cost for a toll-free number is another $10 a month. This pricing plan includes everything in the free plan plus custom call-in numbers, international access, dial-out options, custom music, analytic and a team management portal.

UberConference Features

  • dial out directly from the meetings
  • upload your own waiting music
  • access to social accounts such as LinkedIn and Twitter
  • screen sharing 
  • record any call as an MP3 file

UberConference Pros and Cons

The 45 minute meeting time for the free option can be a bit of a drawback as well as it does not offer operator-assisted conference services. 

The upside is that the free plan is one of the biggest advantages. 


GoRemote launched a highly secure video conferencing solution with plenty of professional features. 

GoRemote Features

  • Unlimited video calls with password protection
  • Video conferences
  • Integrated chat
  • Screen sharing and document editing
  • Encrypted communication

GoRemote Pros and Cons

Reliable, easy to use and secure video conferencing are the three main advantages of GoRemote. Customer support comes from IT experts who can help you host your data from a location of your choice and ensure your safety. 

With crystal clear sound and high-quality video, GoRemote is a great platform to host webinars or invite all your coworkers to participate in a meeting with unlimited seats and no required registration.
GoRemote can be tailored to all industries, as all sectors can benefit from the reliable and safe audio and video conferencing tool offered by GoRemote to provide solutions to their customers and allow their teams to work better remotely.

We have yet to find a downside to this platform.