Zoho Meeting vs. GoRemote Comparison

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

It is not unusual for most of us to video chat daily with friends and family. We see each other face to face and capture glimpses of their lives. We are content with such technology to keep us close together, however, the video conferencing software we use for personal use is not sufficient for office use. We expect more from business collaboration software. First, we need to have high-quality visuals and very good audio to guarantee that all that is said and demonstrated is understood by each user. Secondly, the software must allow users to share reports, boards and visuals, files, to-do-list, deadlines, and so many other important documents needed to complete a project. Finally, cybersecurity should be a top priority since so much sensitive data is being shared to so many endpoints.

In this article, we are going to discuss two solutions for online business collaboration software. GoDemote and Zoho Meeting. We will analyze their features and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Zoho Meeting

In the year 2020 many businesses changed the way they conduct business. It is no longer an office environment with office computers sharing the same landline, but it is an entirely different environment. Employees now work remotely and on their BYODs (Bring Your Own Device). Online meetings or web conferencing is now a crucial part of conducting business. Zoho Meeting is probably the most economical and user-friendly way to conduct such meetings. It enables users to share split screens, launch products, feature demonstrations, sales presentations, and even conduct educational meetings from your device.

If your company needs video conferencing services that need to be more complex and provide services that go beyond the meeting, Zoho Meeting is not the software for you. However, if you’re looking for an easy way for users to come together quickly and easily then it is right for you.

Zoho Meeting has a free version and a professional version. The free version allows for one host and 5 other users. You can conduct an unlimited amount of meetings and as long as you want with no time limits. It is ideal for impromptu meetings. The free version also allows your participants to take control of your desktop remotely, schedule meetings in advance, share screens, and is fairly safe. The professional version begins at $8 when billed annually but has a 20% price hike when billed monthly. It allows for one host and 100 participants.

Advantages: It offers a good free version. It is very easy to understand. It offers website meeting embeds.
Disadvantages: It lacks customization of attendee information. It can only handle basic data. It is a bit primitive when compared to other competitors. It has hidden costs.


GoRemote was launched at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. They acted on the urgent need for a secure video conferencing solution with many features so companies could continue to function with employees situated in remote areas. Some of its outstanding features are unlimited video calls, the use of passwords to ensure secure usage, videoconferencing, and screen sharing. Encrypted communication, integrated chat, and document editing.


  • It is user-friendly, secure, and reliable.
  • It has available Customer Support to help you conduct your meetings and share your data securely.
  • It is GDPR compliant and comes with encryption.
  • It has features that are customized for specific sectors such as healthcare, government, education, finance, media, and many more.

GoRemote also offers a white-label video conference solution that includes options that are backed by your company brand.