Video Conferencing Software: GoRemote vs. Cisco Jabber

Photo by Matilda Wormwood from Pexels

When you need to choose video conferencing software for your business, you can choose from many options. You want the tool you choose to provide high-quality audio and video, as well as offer features for collaboration such as document sharing and screen sharing. Security is also an important thing to consider since you will be handling sensitive information. 

GoRemote and Cisco Jabber are two video conferencing solutions that provide all the features you need for your business. Read on to find out the pros and cons of each video conferencing tool. 

Cisco Jabber

The platform has been on the market since 1998, but only recently it has been formalized according to the IETF standards for online presence and digital messaging. It provides an innovative model for open instant messaging and is available as a mobile application. 

It is open source and can be used for free, and the best part is that it provides advanced features and technical support. Apart from being a free platform, Jabber offers flexibility and a portable platform to provide a powerful link between customers and service providers. The only thing users need to do is install the app and make direct calls on their mobile devices. 

Using Cisco Jabber, you can not only save time but also keep your budget under control. You can reduce the need for hardware by 80% and the costs for phone bills by almost 50% – no more need for specialized hardware, phone switches, pricey racks, and such. 

The best part is that Cisco Jabber can easily be integrated with various software to seamlessly interact with your contacts from anywhere. You can use the tool for instant messaging, audio and video calling, conferencing, and voicemail. Cisco Jabber is available for Android, iPhone and iPad, Mac, and Windows. 


GoRemote was launched during the COVID-19 global pandemic, as an answer to companies having to switch to remote work with not enough time to prepare their employees. The team behind GoRemote wanted to provide a highly secure video conferencing tool with all the professional features businesses need. 

Some of the main features of GoRemote include unlimited password-protected video calls, videoconferences, integrated chat, document editing and screen sharing, and encrypted communication. 

It is a reliable and easy to use video conferencing solution with a robust focus on security. GoRemote uses end-to-end encryption, and since it is based in Europe, it is GDPR compliant. You can benefit from the IT experts in customer support who will be able to guide you in hosting your data from a chosen location. 

There are also numerous industry-specific integrations such as solutions for finance, education, government, law firms, healthcare, consultants, media, developers, and recruitment agencies. A great feature is the white label video conferencing solutions to back your video conferences with your company brand. There are branded video apps for iOS and Android, as well as custom URLs, branded invitations, custom logos and signatures, and website integration.