12 Video Conferencing Tools For Small Businesses

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

2020 has seen a huge increase in virtual meetings and video conferencing calls. Actually, the statistics say that there is a 500% increase in demand for video conferencing software and more than half of the companies are increasing their spending on video conferencing tools. 

Everything moved online and all meetings are being hosted remotely. So investing in a video conferencing tool is a good idea as it will allow you to optimize your workflow, connect and collaborate easier with your team, and meet new prospects. It is essential to have the right tool to be able to conduct business these days – read on to find out the best video conferencing tools for small businesses. 


Zoom is a universal video software and probably one of the most used apps in 2020. It is great for video conference calls of all sizes and one of the best functionalities is that users can join a meeting through a link without the need to download the software. Zoom comes with a free plan and paid plans starting at $14.99/month. 


A simple and easy to use video conferencing tool, UberConference provides the opportunity to conduct video calls without downloading software. There is a built-in AI technology for meeting transcriptions, and you can add a custom hold music to your call for a better user experience. There is a free plan and paid plans start at $15/month. 


This collaborative tool provides a robust mobile interface so you can use it from your mobile device for online meetings, webinars, and virtual meetings. It is perfect if you often work on the go and paid plans start at $12/month. 

Microsoft Teams

If you are already using Microsoft Office, then this tool is perfect for you. It makes virtual collaboration easier with screen sharing, digital whiteboards, chat, and direct integration with other Microsoft Office apps. Plans start at $20/month. 

Google Meet

A secure and straightforward video conferencing solution for G-Suite users. Meetings can be easily accessed on various devices and can integrate with Google Calendar. Paid plans start at $6/month. 

Cisco Webex

No matter the size of your business, Cisco Webex is a good solution for video calls, virtual events, and webinars. The platform is secure and reliable, with a free plan and paid plans starting at $13.50/month. 


One of the oldest video conferencing tools, Skye is easy to use and familiar to most users. Great for having one-on-one calls and free to use. 

Slack Video Conferencing

Slack not only makes remote collaboration with your team easier but also provides a video conferencing option so you can connect quickly. There is a free plan and paid plans start at $6.67/month. 

Cisco Jabber

A powerful tool for chat and video communication that is compatible with a lot of devices and can work with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. To get a price quote, you need to contact Cisco. 

Zoho Meeting

Straightforward and secure video meeting software focused on keeping your meetings safe with encryption and controlled participant entry. There are other useful features such as built-in RSVP capability and instant meeting creation. Plans start at $8/month. 


A great option for high-level events and larger meetings. AdobeConnect is a robust platform that provides not only video conferencing capability but also powerful video and audio editing tools so you can have high-quality meeting recordings. Plans start at $50/month. 


Suitable for small businesses, GoRemote’s platform offers reliable and secure video calls, virtual events, and webinars. This video conferencing tool is perfect for companies that want a secure, reliable, and effective way to keep their remote team connected and more productive in the changing world we are living in.