Microsoft Teams vs GoRemote: A Videoconferencing Face-Off

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The news of a COVID-19 vaccine is positive and offers a glimmer of hope that things might start returning to normal. That being said, remote work is likely to remain popular, if not full time, at least for part of the working week. 2020 has taught businesses the importance of excellent video conferencing software.

Many will head straight for those solutions offered by the tech giants, assuming they have all of the necessary features. We are going to compare Microsoft’s video conferencing software with an innovative solution from GoRemote.

What Is Microsoft Teams?

The business communications app from Microsoft includes team messaging, voice calls and video conferencing. Logically, it is closely linked to feature-rich Office 365. Microsoft Teams has amusingly been compared to IKEA, wonderful as long as you know where everything is!

Core Features of Microsoft Teams

  • A free account for existing Microsoft users with video calls of up to 299 participants
  • Integrations with Office 365 products and other apps
  • Mobile and desktop version
  • Screensharing and whiteboard tools

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Teams

The built-in chat feature has everything you would expect like gifs, emojis and group chat. From your chat, you can click one button to begin a video conference. Video conferences have an impressive capacity of up to 10,000 participants. You can customize your background and the Together Mode puts all of the participants on one background—which is tidy!

Apart from video calls, you can take advantage of a phone system and calling plans. Screen sharing and sending files makes collaboration easy and you can edit various files like Word, Excel and PowerPoint in real-time.

Microsoft Teams has reasonable price plans, but our main concern is that the is little mention of the security that Microsoft employs except that there is encryption and multi-factor authentication.

What Is GoRemote?

Relatively new to the market, GoRemote is quickly becoming a well-known solution for business video conferencing needs. Launched at the beginning of COVID-19, the developers knew that companies would require reliable software that was easy for employees to start using and above all, safe.

Core Features of GoRemote

  • Unlimited video calls with password protection
  • Videoconferences
  • Integrated chat
  • Screen sharing and document editing
  • Encrypted communication

Pros and Cons of GoRemote

Like Microsoft Teams, GoRemote comes with integrated chat to boost communications within the same software. You can also share your screen and edit documents together. GoRemote has an excellent range of integrations for a number of industries. These include education, finance, government, healthcare, law firms, consultants, software developers, media, and recruitment agencies.

GoRemote is the ideal solution for businesses with sensitive information. Hosted in Europe, this software is GDPR compliant, which means you know your business will meet Europeans data protection regulations. It comes with end-to-end encryption and password protection for all video conferences.

What makes GoRemote stand out from Microsoft Teams is the white labelling video conferencing. This allows you to add your own brand, logo, and signatures to give a completely professional look. It comes with branded video apps for Android and iOS, website integration and custom URLs.

GoRemote has gained a good reputation so far. It’s easy to use and has all of the features you would need from video conferencing software with the advantage of top security. If we had to mention one potential con it’s that there are no pricing plans on the website.

Microsoft Teams vs GoRemote: In Conclusion

If your business is a Microsoft environment, then it makes sense to use Microsoft Teams. However, to get the most out of this video conferencing software, you might need to watch some of the tutorials, join the webinars or read up on the tips and tricks. None of that would be necessary because if you run into any problems with GoRemote, you would be able to contact a friendly, specialized customer support agent. We learned that stepping away from the tech giants and using the GoRemote video conferencing software opened the door to far more possibilities than expected.