Google Meet vs. GoRemote: How Do They Compare?

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Image by Jagrit Parajuli from Pixabay

When it comes to choosing video conferencing software for your business needs, there is more to consider than for personal use. Business meetings demand high-quality video and audio as well as other features like document sharing and collaboration. As you are often handling sensitive information, security is also a top concern.

GoRemote and Google Meet are two options that tick many boxes. We are going to look at each of the features that come with these video conferencing solutions as well as some pros and cons of each.

What Is Google Meet?

Due to Google’s continuous changes, it’s no wonder there is a little confusion. Google Meet is what was previously known as Google Hangouts Meet. It is a part of the G Suite that offers video conferencing. Because of the increase in demand for video conferencing throughout 2020, Google decided to provide a limited free version of Google Meet—for a limited period of time.

Core Features of Google Meet

  • Up to 100 video call participants for free
  • Join from a browser or mobile app
  • Live closed captions in English
  • Screen sharing
  • Adjustable layouts

Pros and Cons of Google Meets

Google Meets is a great choice if you want to take advantage of all the other productivity tools that G Suite comes with. That being said, Google Meets alone might not provide all the video conferencing solutions you were hoping for. Because of its limited features, it is very straight forward to use and is probably better suited to smaller companies, individuals, and freelancers who don’t need to hold large meetings that will go over the 1-hour call limited with the free version.

A slight drawback is that to join a meeting using the free version, all participants have to be Google users. Nevertheless, Google Meets comes with a good level of security including encryption and 25-character string meeting IDs.

What Is GoRemote?

At the beginning of COVID-19, the team behind GoRemote could see that more companies would have to switch to remote work with little time to prepare employees. For this, they launched GoRemote, a highly secure video conferencing solution with plenty of professional features.

Core Features of GoRemote

  • Unlimited video calls with password protection
  • Videoconferences
  • Integrated chat
  • Screen sharing and document editing
  • Encrypted communication

Pros and Cons of GoRemote

Reliable, easy to use and secure video conferencing are the three principal advantages of GoRemote. With regards to security, this solution comes with end-to-end encryption and as it is hosted in Europe, it is GDPR compliant. Customer support comes from IT experts who are able to assist in hosting your data from a location of your choice and safely.

GoRemote also has a number of integrations that are industry specific. There are solutions for education, finance, government, healthcare, law firms, consultants, software developers, media, and recruitment agencies. We especially like the white label video conference solutions. This includes a wide range of options that can make sure your video conferences are backed by your company brand. You can take advantage of branded video apps for Android and iOS, branded invitations, custom URLs, website integration and custom logos and signatures.

Google Meet and GoRemote: In Conclusion

If your business is already using G Suite, then Google Meet might match some of your basic needs. However, as your business grows, the chances are you will quickly outgrow the video conferencing solution from Google. By choosing GoRemote, you will have direct access to features like screen sharing and editing documents, which is an amazing tool for productivity. Being a smaller company than Google, you will also be able to appreciate the personal customer support that the GoRemote team offers.