7 Video Conferencing Tools To Help You Optimize The Sales Process

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

In 2020 almost everything moved online – from staff meetings to conferences to meetings with prospects, and probably your sales process has also moved online. 

Using the right video conferencing tool is key when it comes to working and collaborating properly online. Different video conferencing software comes with different features, functionalities, and prices, and you should choose the best one for your business needs. Read on to find out the best video conferencing tools to help you optimize your sales process. 


Zoom is probably the most popular and widely used app in 2020. Since it is universal and can be used for video conferencing of all sizes, it is often the first choice. The host and the guest can easily join with just a click, and the software can seamlessly be integrated with the CRM you are using. There is a free plan and paid plans starting at $14.99/month. 


Very easy to use video conferencing tool, which is popular exactly because of its simplicity. The participants can join a call on the platform from anywhere – there is no need to download anything. It also has nice features such as built-in artificial intelligence technology that provides transcriptions for meetings and custom-held music for a more positive user experience. UberConference can easily be integrated with CRM and comes with free and paid plans starting at $15/month. 


GoToMeeting offers virtual meeting spaces, one-click online meetings, and webinar options. This tool is popular for its mobile capability. It provides a robust mobile interface, and users can easily join a meeting from their mobile device – perfect for sales and working-on-the-go. Plans start at $12 per month per user. 

Microsoft Teams

If you are already using Microsoft Office in your organization, Microsoft Teams is a good video conferencing option. It offers screen sharing, digital whiteboards, chat functionalities, and direct integration with other Microsoft Office apps. Meeting plans start at $20 per month per user. 

Google Meet

The perfect choice if your team relies on G Suite apps. It offers straightforward and secured video conferencing, users can easily join meetings from different devices, and it can be integrated with Google Calendar. Plans start at $6/month. 

Zoho Meeting

You can rely on straightforward and secure software at a very affordable price – paid plans start at $8 per month with Zoho. Its focus is tight on security with various measures to keep your meetings safe – such as meeting encryption and controlled participant entry. There are also other useful features such as built-in RSVP capability, which allows you to know who is expected at your meeting, as well as the option for instant meetings creation. 


Suitable for businesses of all sizes, this platform offers reliable and secure video calls, virtual events, and webinars. This video conferencing tool is perfect for enterprises that need a lot of users and remote support for your customer service needs.