GoRemote Provides a Better Remote Working Experience During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

In the times of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more companies continue to transition to remote working. It is expected that the trend will continue even after the pandemic as it offers more flexibility, reduced costs, and improved productivity and efficiency. For better team collaboration and easier communication, reliable audio and video conferencing platform is a must. GoRemote is such a tool that offers trustworthy, effective, and safe audio and video conferencing, which is what most companies in all industries are looking for currently. 

GoRemote is hosted in Europe and was launched at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. The reason behind the creation of audio and video conferencing tool, according to the team at GoRemote, is that they wanted to provide an EU-based, secure, and trusted service for video conferencing for everyone. 

Remote teams can easily stay connected and collaborate more effectively with the help of GoRemote. There are numerous useful features to keep your team close and productive. Some of these features include unlimited video calls, video conferencing, screen sharing, custom meeting URLs, as well as integrated chat features. 

With crystal clear sound and high-quality video, with GoRemote it is easy to host webinars or invite all your coworkers to participate in a meeting with unlimited seats and no registration required. 

GoRemote can be tailored to all industries – education and government, finance, oil and gas, healthcare, software development, consultants, financial services, law firms, recruitment agencies, media, and much more. All these sectors can benefit from the reliable and safe audio and video conferencing tool offered by GoRemote to provide solutions to their customers and allow their teams to work better remotely in the coronavirus pandemic’s challenging times. 

As cyber-security is becoming a more imminent threat during the COVID-19 pandemic, companies and organizations are increasingly concerned about security. Data protection, privacy, and confidentiality are even more important now, as in the remote work process, there is a lot of sensitive information and company details shared. GoRemote provides a great and proven security level, thanks to the end-to-end encryption applied to all conversations and password-protected meetings. 

There is another feature aimed especially at companies that want to preserve their trademarks – the option for a white-label conference. This option provides the opportunity to customize the logo, fonts, colors, domain, and subdomain so that you will be able to stick with the brand identity. 

GoRemote main features to promote better team collaboration and effective communication 

  • Unlimited video calls
  • Encrypted communication 
  • Screensharing 
  • Password-protected meetings 
  • Video conferences 
  • White label integration 
  • Edit documents together
  • Custom meeting URLs
  • Integrated chat 
  • Hosted in Europe

There are apps available for iOS and Android that work under every network (WiFi, 4G/LTE, 3G). 

Overall, GoRemote audio and video conferencing tool is a simple and elegant solution that provides a safe, secure, reliable, and effective way to keep your remote team connected and more productive in the changing world we are living in.