6 Video Conferencing Tools to Keep You Connected to Your Offshore Team

When you work with an offshore team, setting and keeping the routine can be a challenging task. But with the help of video conferencing tools, you can easily bridge the gap and catch up with the remote team. 

A quick video conference each day will help to keep your team connected and in line. You can discuss the tasks that need to be done and the actions that are required for the day. A conference call can also do the job but being able to see all the other participants makes the communication more effective thus video conferencing is preferable. 

There are different tools you can use and most of them have free plans. Here are the best video conferencing tools to keep you connected to your offshore team. 


One of the oldest and most familiar video conferencing tools for both businesses and consumers. You can use the application to share files, send direct messages, or make video calls. It works on all devices and setting up and participating in meetings is easy. 

Some of the best features of Skype are simple interface, good full-screen video quality, and clear sound – and it is completely free. 

If you need more functionality, there is also the option of Skype for Business. You can add up to 250 participants in an online meeting, manage your employees’ accounts, and rely on high-grade security and support. 


A cloud-based tool that will help you easily conduct online meetings, share content, and make video conferences with your remote team. One of the best benefits is that you do not need a Zoom account to join a meeting – you can attend by clicking on the link provided by the host. 

There are useful features for easier collaboration like screen sharing and remote control, and also local and cloud recording options. You can use Zoom in a browser or download the app for your tablet, smartphone, or computer. 


A browser-based video conferencing tool with three different plans to suit every need – Free, Pro, and Business. All of them provide easy and fast collaboration with your offshore team. 

The video meetings are secure and simple, with high-quality video. There is also an option for chat rooms if you need another channel for communication. 

Google Hangouts

With Google Hangouts you can host free group calls for up to 15 participants and can be used on desktop, iOS, and Android. There is a search option to go through your video call history or shared files. You can also sync your chat on all devices, and message the other members of your team when they are offline. 


This chat room can be used by everyone in your company to make it easier to communicate and collaborate. You can organize all your files, messages, and tools, create public channels for all of your staff or private channels for specific groups of people and members of your team. 

You can integrate Slack with other apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, and GitHub. There is a free and a paid version with which you can conduct video calls with up to 15 participants and the option for screen sharing. 


If you want to host a private chat service or build your own video conference platform, this is a great option. GoRemote is a free tool that can be deployed on your own server and is easy to customize. You can easily add your company’s logo and choose custom colors and fonts. It can even be integrated into your website. Go Remote works on different platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android, and supports chats, as well as video and voice calling.