The Best Online Video Conferencing Solution for the Financial Industry

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Online video conferencing is one of the latest tools that is transforming the financial sector. It enables businesses to not only stay in contact with clients but also reach out to other companies around the globe without having to heavily invest in travel. Video conferencing enables companies to expand and still take advantage of the benefits gained from face-to-face communication but with increased collaboration.

One of the major concerns within the financial industry and online video conferencing solutions is security, so let’s take a look at some of the best online video conferencing solutions that can optimize communication while remaining secure.

  1. Pexip

Clients using Pexip are able to accelerate sales cycles, improve loan processing times, and increase user satisfaction. There is no need for any additional downloads or plugins and participants can connect to meetings from any web browser. It is flexible, scalable, and can be integrated with existing hardware and software to extend the capabilities of technologies such as Cisco or Microsoft.

Pexip is GDPR compliant, HIPPA compliant, and holds many other privacy and security certifications. This solution is security-first and enterprise-grade with industry-standard encryption and PIN protected meetings.

  1. RingCentral

This solution combines video, message, and phone with an industry-leading 99.999% uptime. Customers can even communicate with a business via their preferred social media platform. It’s also great that you can upload a client’s financial documents knowing they will be completely secure too.

There is a total of 7 layers of security with RingCentral. There is support for FINRA-regulated customer compliance requirements and TLS and SRTP encryption between all endpoints. The site also offers vulnerability scans, intrusion-detection systems, and multiple authentication levels.

  1. Zoom

Zoom is now known as one of the leading online video conferencing solutions for general use, but it is also a solution that has been designed with the financial industry in mind. Zoom is a favorite for its combination of high quality and ease of use. This cloud-based solution can be accessed from any device with a whole host of features like screen sharing and document collaboration to improve the customer experience.

In terms of security, there is multi-layer security with 256-bit AES encryption, data sovereignty, and role-based access control. Participants can join a meeting with an invitation and a password.

  1. StarLeaf

StarLeaf allows you to collaborate at any scale with support for multiple cameras and dual screens. The video conference software provides quality video calls regardless of the size of the meeting with live video streaming and the StarLeaf messaging app for further communication. The user interface is simple, so no technical training is required.

This service is reliable and compliant with firewall traversal and multiple points of presence each with fully redundant backup. There are some amazing, robust admin tools to help with security like the option to immediately remove a user’s access and the company maintains complete control over any data and messages sent.

  1. GoRemote

If you have had to throw your company into remote work without any time to adjust (like many have recently) there may have been a great deal of confusion and an incredibly steep learning curve for those who aren’t used to some of today’s technology. GoRemote not only provides a first-rate online video conferencing solution but also a full set of training tools to help employees learn.

You and your teams can make the most of Remote workshops, productivity tool customization, and custom counseling. Above all, there are best practice guides. GoRemote comes with OPSWAT’s Endpoint Security SDK with the integration of antivirus and firewall modules, ensuring a secure broadband network.