Why White Label Video Conferencing Apps Should Be Essential Technology for Lawyers

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When it comes to technology, law firms are usually slow to embrace new methods to change their workflow. They tend to stick to the traditional, well-known behaviors and while lawyers might use digital tools in their personal life, they are reluctant to adopt them for professional use. 

This is exactly the case with remote depositions – while almost everybody uses video conferencing software to communicate and improve efficiency, lawyers still collect depositions in person. 

Read on to find out why as a lawyer you should consider remote depositions and how implementing this technology can improve your law firm’s workflow and performance. 

Remote deposition software for law firms 

The world is changing and the legal industry is going through some sort of digital disruption as well. In 2018, there was a growth of 713% in investment in legal tech startups, and this will bring a lot of changes in the industry. These new companies are embracing all sorts of digital tools and technology to increase their revenue, optimize their efficiency, and cut costs. 

And by implementing a white label Video Conferencing App, law firms can significantly lower their expenses and save a lot of money and time. While finding the right balance between efficiency and cost, remote deposition legal technology software will allow you to present an effective and compelling witness story, without the need for extensive travel and wasting money. 

Best reasons to start using remote depositions 

There are several very good and compelling reasons why lawyers should start using remote depositions. Some of them include: 

  • Save money on travel costs for lawyers, clients, and witnesses. 
  • Reduce shipping costs for exhibits and documents, as well as paper and printing costs. 
  • No need for scanning and copying so court reporter fees are also cut. 
  • Save time by reducing or eliminating the need to travel across the country. 
  • Improve productivity and work-life balance of your team by optimizing the workflow and eliminating the need for travel.  

All in all, white-label video conferencing apps can save your law firm thousands of dollars and give you an advantage as you will be able to save your clients all the unnecessary costs. 

And this is not all – remote depositions can give you some more tactical advantages. As video captures all the emotions behind, these kinds of deposition are much more powerful than written ones. By providing the face, voice, and body language behind the statement it becomes much more compelling and captivating and provides a more meaningful impact on the case. 

And since a recorded remote deposition is always available, you can go back to it as much as you want and observe all the reactions and words of the witness carefully. 

New technology is here to help us become more productive and efficient, by spending less time on unnecessary tasks and being able to focus on the more important ones. It does not matter what size is your law firm – you can benefit from this effective and reliable method to improve your service. So consider using white-label video conferencing apps to cut the cost of business, improve your workflow, and build a better relationship with your clients.