Choosing the Best Video Conferencing Software to Support Remote Work During Coronavirus

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If there is any chance of a business surviving this ongoing health pandemic, remote work has to become an implemented strategy in the workplace. It’s not only the tech giants and larger companies that are increasing the number of employees working from home, but also small companies are also investing in video conferencing software to maintain collaboration during this crisis and even beyond.

The question is, with many options on the market, how do you go about choosing the right option for your business. The right solution will maximize your return on investment when correctly deployed and implemented. The right technology must be chosen to match the use cases and the needs of the employees. Here are some of the key things to consider before deciding on the best video conferencing software:

The video conferencing software must have WebRTC Video Chat

Traditionally, we have used cloud-based video conferencing solutions but had to put up with interruptions in the connection, loss of sound, or bad video quality. WebRTC or web real-time communications works with modern browsers without the need to download communication solutions or use extra plugins. Voice and video communication work by using API connectors that are integrated with the tools you already have. Practically any device that can open a web browser will be able to use WebRTC technology.

The advantages of WebRTC is that you can use this solution for audio, video, and data communication in a secure way with encryption tools, which are essential for businesses where privacy and compliance is a concern. It’s cost-effective, stable, and audio and video are of high quality.

The ease of API integration

WebRTC allows for a seamless API (application program interface) connection and so you can integrate video chat with your current platforms. API connections can enable video conferencing straight from your website as well as multimedia communication, enhancing your entire business operations.

From a link on your business website, remote workers and teams can perform video chat. It can also allow you to merge other applications like scheduling and email and chat for the whole company. When team members are able to set up group calling and screen sharing, to mention some possibilities, they are able to engage in the project from any mobile device.

Maintaining productivity with functional user experience (UX)

Coronavirus has done more than creating a little chaos. We have had to adapt to new tools in a matter of days. It’s very frustrating when you are thrown into the center of a crisis and how no idea how to use the tools to do your job. Luckily, the best video conferencing tools have a brilliant user experience due to the ease of use, making sure that people can stay in touch and morale isn’t affected.

Your choice of video conferencing software should include simple integration with your existing communication tools and offer issue-free, reliable, and secure virtual meetings. It should also be easy to use and easy for the IT teams to set up and manage. Once up and running, there shouldn’t be a great need for ongoing support.

If you want your remote employees to enjoy the communication tool you choose, it is important that the UX is intuitive and easy to learn, even for the non-tech minded.

The best video conferencing software will have white labeling

This is a service that is not available with any video conferencing software solution, but it will enable you to fully brand your experience and raise the professionalism. White labeling encourages the feeling of team spirit and being part of a brand even when working from home.

When you embed a white label WebRTC video conferencing option into your corporate Intranet, a link can be added to the project site pages. This link allows employees to open a fully branded site with company logos, trademarks, and colors. Even company emails are customizable so that employees and customers can experience the power of your brand.