How Banks Can Use Video Conferencing To Attract Millennial Customers 

Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

Currently, millennials are a more significant part of the US population compared to baby boomers. And it can be a challenge for banks to attract them as customers as they tend to engage less with banks and the financial industry in general. You need to have a solid marketing plan and utilize different digital services to increase engagement and win millennials. 

One of the ways to do that is through video conferencing or video chat, as this generation tends to rely a lot on their mobile phones to do their business. Read on to find out how video conferencing can help you engage with millennials and turn them into customers. 

Stand out among other banks. 

Authenticity is essential for millennials, and to stand out; you need to build strong brand authenticity. By offering an online service and providing the opportunity for simple transactions to be conducted through the phone, you can eliminate the need to visit a physical bank branch – something most millennials will truly appreciate. 

And by showing your dedication to providing specialized services according to their needs and preferences, you ensure that your bank steps ahead of the competition and builds up trust and reliability. Doing so will allow people to understand that your business genuinely cares for them by providing products and services that benefit them directly. 

Implement user-friendly technology 

Using video-conferencing can prove very useful since millennials prefer to use mobile apps for online banking. By eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings, both your customers and employees will save time. But make sure that your app is user-friendly and focused on UX-design so that it will be intuitive and helpful to use. Use constant data analysis and feedback to ensure that you are offering the best possible service and utilizing your resources. 

Make sure to address your customers’ goals. 

As with any other generation, millennials will need your help to achieve their financial goals. But you might need more time and effort to convince them so. Video conferencing and real-life online chat options can be very helpful in that direction as it will help you address their needs and concerns efficiently and promptly and guide them towards achieving their goals. Try and think about their unique perspective and offer the right solution to help them resolve any issues they are facing. 

Find the best solution for your business.

In order to win millennials as customers for your bank, you need to accept a unique and authentic approach. Using video conferencing will allow you to directly address any issues your prospective customers might be facing and help them achieve their goals easier, without the need for real-life interaction. By offering a more personalized service, you will provide more benefits for your new customers and build a better relationship with your existing ones and ease the banking process.