5 Ways White Label Video Conferencing Can Help Close Your Sales

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

As more organizations offer in-house flexibility, sales professionals are finding ways to optimize their approach to engaging prospective customers.

Fortunately, there is a simple tool that can help complete sales reps with potential customers, contacts, and employees from anywhere around the world. If you guessed that we are talking about video conferencing technology, then you are right on the money.

While email and messages can be useful for day-to-day communication, when it comes to sales, video meetings are hard to beat. It is not just a useful tool for meetings. When its full potential is utilized, video conferencing can help you fill your pipeline and close more sales.

Here are five ways video meetings can make you a more productive and efficient sales professional.

  1. Video meeting prospects allow you to put a face in your name

The biggest benefit of meeting customers in person is that it allows you to build rapport and trust with a new contact. Research suggests that only 7% of a message is expressed by words – the remaining 93% include vowel sounds (38%) and body language (55%). When you’re communicating over the phone or via email, it can be difficult to express yourself fully.

Video conferencing allows you to meet face to face so that you can see how your prospect is reacting to your pitch and adjust your approach accordingly. It also helps you to remember your prospects because you will no longer have just one email in their inbox. They can see your face and create a perception of you, which can go a long way in building and maintaining a strong, professional relationship.

  1. You can meet more decision-makers through video conferencing

When you are trying to meet customers and prospects in person, it can be difficult to get an important decision-maker for a time and place, let alone an entire team. And if the company you are working with is mostly remote or is a key member of the team in different locations or time zones, coordinating in-person meetings can be nearly impossible.

Video meetings allow you to meet your clients where they are. For example, with GoRemote, attendees can join a video meeting with one click from any device of their choosing, making it easy to meet with people.

And even if the stars do not align and you are not able to get everyone you meet on a single call, check your prospects by booking follow-up meetings or answering any questions from video conferencing Becomes easier. Maybe for you.

  1. Win over customers using screen sharing

Even if you’ve built an initial relationship with a prospect and told them all about the features and benefits of your company’s product, nothing compares to a live, in-depth performance. Screen sharing gives you the ability to walk through, answer more questions, and even assist with setup.

Similarly, you can also share presentations and other collateral (videos, infographics, datasheets) as part of your video conferencing sales pitch.

  1. Meet with more customers without traveling

From gas mileage to plane tickets to hotel fees, meeting a person is not only expensive – it is also restrictive. After all, in just one day you can see a lot of companions. Also, being on the road at and out of airports or constantly on the road can be physically and mentally taxing, making it even more difficult to be productive on the job.

However, with video conferencing, sales reps can meet with too many people in a shorter time frame, as they do not have to physically go out and meet with each one. This means that delegates can widen their area and search for more potential customers. They can connect more quickly, which can help them meet their goals and hit their sales goals faster than before.

  1. You can speed up your sales cycles and spend more time building

In today’s fast-paced world, productivity is the name of the game. We all want to do more in less time without adding extra stress to the mix. Sales teams are no exception.

When sales reps have to meet with prospects in customers and individuals, they can use that extra time to spend on the road to engage with even more potential leads and fill their pipeline.

Additionally, the right software will not help you cut travel time. With GoRemote, joining and hosting meetings is simple, as users can with a click on a call hope not to waste time with downloading applications and installing software. Users can connect on any device, so reps can connect to a prospect when they walk or vice versa.

Once they are on call, sales professionals can cut right to the chase with a live demo complete with engaging visuals and content-rich presentations. They can also create tasks and action items for themselves during the call so that they can work immediately. After the meeting, sales reps can potentially share meeting highlights or schedule a follow-up call to see how they are meeting.

Drive sales with video conferencing

Sales are all about building strong customer relationships, and even without all the bells and whistles, this is where video conferencing shines. You can connect face to face with people from all over the world and do it in such a way that saves them time and money from the teams. When you can increase the capacity of your sales team, close deals faster, and generate more revenue for your company, everyone wins.