Customer On-boarding: A Process Calling Out for White Label Video Conferencing Solution

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When a customer orders something, it is essential to make sure that the product is delivered on time and in good condition. In this way, the customer would be satisfied, and you will not lose your new customers


  1. Keeping the sale

If a customer buys something, but due to non-satisfaction he wants to return it, the product should be taken back.

  1. Keeping customers coming back for more

If new customers are satisfied with your company, then there is a possibility that they will re-visit again and again. Thus, it will be easier to maintain customers by giving them an excellent first impression.

  1. Encouraging referrals:

If your customers are satisfied with your company, then there are chances that they will spread the word and refer their family and friends.

Use videos in the onboarding process. It’s the right way of getting the customer’s attention.

The basics of customer onboarding

In order to get work done smoothly as the company onboards a customer, it is important to focus on other areas.


A good training program makes the customer have a deeper understanding of the product in a while after knowing about it for the first time. This is where videos play a vital role because people tend to forget 75% of everything they learn in a day. Through videos, you can provide them a source from where they can keep themselves reminding of the information and opportunity is given to you for on-demand training.

Customer support

if your new customer tries to use your product for the very first time, there is a possibility that he might face some problems, especially if you provide software on the app, he might have a hard time getting it started or while installing it. That is why details should also be given to the customers, and the company should add answers to frequently asked questions. In this way, not only will the customer service load be minimized, but the customer will also have a good experience.

Using video to improve onboarding

The use of video can help in improving the process of onboarding. You can create product demos to get the attention of customers by showing the essential features of the product in action. Here are some other ways that you can use video to help improve the onboarding process:

  1. Introduce the team

You can introduce the team in order to let the customers know that there is a team that is willing to help. That would make the video a little welcoming.

  1. Record training sessions

Recording the training session where a team member helping a new customer is shown could be helpful for other customers. The chances are that they can find answers to some of their questions through that video.

  1. Let other customers help

Sometimes it’s hard for the helping team to understand the perspective of a new customer. Let other customers help the new customers because they could give some extra tips to the new customers about which the helping team might not know.