How Video Conferencing Improves the Hiring Process

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Hiring the ideal employee can be a time consuming and complicated procedure. Nowadays, we have several tools for interviewing a candidate. The most used interview tool is on the phone. Unfortunately, phone interviews do not provide you with a complete picture. To hire the ideal employee and save time while doing so, make use of the video conference tools available to you: recruit your perfect candidate in minutes.

Video Conferencing and the Hiring Process

Today, we are so surrounded by technology that we use it in almost everything we do without even noticing. If you look around, you would see the number of technological products that make our lives easier.

The same goes for the workplace as well. Since the invention of telephones with wires, the technology of communication has advanced fast. Nowadays, a significant part of our work is dependent on communication and collaboration software, such as long-distance meetings, updating coworkers, etc.

The human resource department can take advantage of communication technology the most. One of those is utilizing video conference tool to recruit employees and get in touch with people independent of location and size. Here are three occasions where the video conferencing saves your precious times during the process of hiring:

  • Pre-screening
  • Interviewing
  • Onboarding.

All these steps are usually pretty time consuming, that can be turned around using video conferencing. Let us tell you how:


The pre-screening part being the very initial stage, saves time and travel to both parties. You can decide then and there with a few minutes of video conference if you want to take the interview procedure one step further.

Main Interview:

Once the candidate is onto the next step, video and audio-conferencing play critical roles. At this step, the interview can be recorded in case the hiring department wants to go back and check something.

The video recordings would help gain a more accurate version than notes taken during the interview or a recorded phone meeting. The video also gives details such as body language and confidence of the interviewee.

Furthermore, the videos are shareable if required. The video could also be kept and transcribed for training purposes or could be included in the candidate’s application file, which can be transferred to their employment file once the candidate is hired.

Screen Sharing for Candidate Presentations

As much as it gives advantages to the hiring committee and R department, video conferences also benefit the candidate. For those candidates who would like to share portfolio or project presentations, things that are not convent having printed, sing screen sharing and presenting with the ease is one of the most significant advantages to the candidate.

Either corporate or creative portfolio, a presentation given through video call allows the candidate to show off his/her skills and impress the committee and help to land the job independent of the distance and location.

Onboarding and Remote Work:

Once the candidate is hired, there is a lot to show and discuss in the company. With the COVID19 situation, we have come to explore new ways of working. The companies are now looking forward to hiring employees who can remotely.

In those cases, a video conference is an effective way to get the new employees on board, show them around the company, and keep track of their activities.

Top Talent is a Video Conference Away

Thanks to the advance in technology and online communication tools such as video conferencing, our workplaces are no more defined by physical space and location.

Whether big or small, located in metropolitan or remote rural areas, companies can all use the video conference tools to attract top-notch talents, keep in active communication with those working remotely, and contain a long-term and loyal relationship.

Do you use video conferencing in your hiring process?