Video Conferencing Solution: How It Multiples the Productivity of Your Businesses


Say your employees are working remotely, or they are on a work trip, or you are on a work trip, or you want to discuss something with your company’s branches abroad. Whatever’s your situation or your business services, you need to have video conferences with different teams in your staff, so you can get work done. But sometimes the video applications you have invested in don’t deliver the best result you were anticipating.

35% of software has unbearable acoustics in the videoconferencing solutions they have purchased. Most of the video conference API and SDK providers are failing to deliver value due to some technological updates. There is an estimated $4.3 billion in revenue for IT companies for this type of technology.

43% of apps result in latency issues. Most of the applications offer a dial-in conference technique, with the participant entering their phone number, then a passcode to be filled in, which delays calls up to 9 minutes. This is an unattractive feature especially when a company is on a tight schedule.

Companies report that 35% of solutions have security and data breach issues. Since most video conference apps require a host to send an invite to members with a bridge number and passcode, these delicate pieces of information can be misplaced. These can be harmful to a company, especially that these calls include confidential information being discussed among parties.

32% of video conferencing apps can’t connect more than 5 participants in a call. This issue with hosting multiple-party calls can result in problems when discussing a joint project between two companies or various professionals, which dramatically reduces the productivity of these businesses.

These solutions could work for a limited number of enterprises, depending on their business.  However, good software must ensure a good communication channel amongst all involved and be suitable for any type of organization. They should be multiple users friendly, still perform well regardless of concurrent usage, resolve the latency issues, deliver the high audio and visual experience, have various functionalities, be customizable depending on a company’s needs, and be cost-effective.

GoRemote offers unlimited video calls with no restrictions on calls or duration. The video conference software can be used in numerous industries. It has proved efficient for the healthcare service, connecting doctors to their patients and amongst staff in real-time. It has also helped teachers host classes and improve collaboration between colleagues and students. The high audio and visual quality have enabled teachers to better explain the material to their students.

This tool can also be used by HR managers in hiring processes. The software makes interviewing experience easier and more comfortable both for the agents and the work candidates. Reducing all passcodes and barriers, video conferences are now more efficient, delivering maximum productivity among peers. GoRemote’s main advantage is that it uses end-to-end encryption for all of your meetings.