2020: The Year of Video Conferencing

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

 It’s as if it was yesterday when it seemed only flashy CEO’s and baddies in a Bond movie had the luxury of video conferencing Today it’s 2020 and things are changing.

With the new decade, virtual meetings will soon take over face-to-face physical meetings. Which will be more positive for your business than negative, especially during the current health crisis that we are living through.

Below are just five of the reasons why video-conferencing is the future:

More economic than face-to-face

Given the array of available video-conferencing solutions, it is not expensive using them for business, with some vendors offering some functionalities free of charge even. Was this ever the case during the last meeting you had to travel to?

Your business had to pay for the flight, the airport, the airport transfer, lodgings, and meals – not to mention the cost of you being away both from work and family for a few days.

So why, you ask, should your company spend a fortune on traveling when we can just connect to a nearby office for free?

Answer: your company won’t have to.

More environmentally friendly

Again there are the cost considerations of meeting face-to-face. On top of this, of course, are the emissions we cause by moving all over the globe.

Whilst you might prefer the value of face-to-face contact, your company’s brand and credentials are under threat if they’re taking flights everywhere unnecessarily.

 They’re more efficient than before

You may have been put off that first experience of video-conferencing a while back, be it by the wonky image quality, sound, and non-stop issues getting connected. Be certain that today things have changed. The technology behind video-conferencing has come a long way since:

  • 1080-quality pictures
  • Crystal-clear sound
  • It comes as standard now the ability to share both documents and screens.

In the fledgling days of tech, it must have seemed like a miracle to feel as if in the same room as others on VC. No more – the smooth operability of and conversations and sharing match that of meeting face-to-face.

Forget the nine-to-five era

Working nine-to-five has had its day. Thanks to greater connectivity, companies are enjoying the dynamism and ease of working from home.

If there’s so much flexibility for remote working, why would you bother being in the office for meetings?

Video conference apps are laptop, tablet, and mobile-friendly. So, provided that employees have phone reception and a WiFi signal, they can work from wherever thus avoiding time spent commuting and subsequently making work more flexible and more flexible a success.

All-in-one management systems

With the right, video conferencing software you can optimize meeting room capacity cut down on admin time, and integrate smart booking processes in the office. GoRemote gives you the ability to manage and schedule meeting rooms, visitors, not to mention video conferencing and all to scale.

With integrated solutions and resources, your business will not fail to succeed in 2020, staying ahead of the new technologies coming online. And not be caught up in health crises, and instead get more ROI thanks to a bit of planning, preparation, and implementation.